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MineralRocker Mineral feeder for cattle

Preces skaits: 9 gabals
Summa bez pievienotās vērtības nodokļa: 274,29 €
329,15 €
The supplement feeder for cattle, sheep and horses in pasture.


  • The supplement feeder has a self raising function.
  • The feeder is always turning back to upright position, no matter how much the animals pushes it around.
  • The feeder has a high front lip and does not spill its content of mineral feed, no matter how much it tilts and swirrels due to the animals' manipulation of it.
  • MineralRocker is made of strong PEHD plastic, and screws and bolt etc. is made of stainless steel.
  • The self-raising function is due to a contra weight in the bottom, made og cast iron.
  • The feeder does not requires any maintenance.
  • One feeder will serve about 50 animals.
  • Mounting bracket for easy transport.
  • Mineral volume 50 kg
  • Height 88 cm
  • Diameter 77 cm
  • Weight 42 kg