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MicroFeeder Heated water trough

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279,01 €
A drinking trough with a heating element at the bottom.
  • The Heated Water Trough is suitable for horses and other livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, etc.
  • To be used outdoor or in un-insulated stables during the wintertime, when there is a risk of frost, but can also be used in other seasons.
  • A thermostat ensures in an energy-efficient way that the built-in heating foil with an output of 100W is only connected when the water temperature is a maximum of 13°C.
  • Keeps drinking water frost-free down to minus 20-30°C, depending on placement, wind and degree of filling.
  • The trough is by delivery ready to plug into a 230V outlet. No transformer needed, neither the purchase nor the mounting of a cable. The trough is CE marked for compliance with international safety standards.
  • Made of food approved HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic with high wear and impact resistance.
  • The upper edge is without joints, which otherwise could lead to water ingress that would destroy the insulation and heating elements.
  • The shape is like a truncated cone with a wide bottom to ensure the Heated Water Trough stands solid on the ground.
  • Holds 65 litres and has a 10-litre scale on the inside.
  • Dimensions: height 44cm, diametre 60cm, weight 7,5kg
  • Comes with a strap that can be used for fixation to a fence post.