Agridoor manual, ST55 PVC translucent

2 963.50 -4 536.00  PVN 0%

Sectional, fast-operating door

  • Fits in any opening.
  • Choice of different panel materials and colours on the same door.
  • 10-year guarantee!

Sectional quick-acting roller shutter system with bird-proof seal. Different materials can be selected per section.

  • High-strength galvanised steel windscreens
  • Conforms to EU door directive EN 13241
  • The system has been tested 10 000 times

Suitable for general purpose buildings, feed stores, feed and manure chutes.

Best for both indoor and outdoor use


Chain and spring door for easy opening to comply with EU regulations. Semi-automatic locking systems. Right- or left-handed use possible. Provides quick and easy access to all types of buildings. Agridoor is suitable for installation inside or outside buildings, opening from the side of the door (either from the right or from the left, depending on your choice). Operating speed 5 m/s.

Installation manuals: