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Large stainless steel and PE waterer for large herd

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Large waterer with stainless steel trough and foamed polyethylene base. Valve and trough design for large herds. Up to 5 big animals can drink at the same time.
72 l./mn. valve (measured flow rate at 3 bars) with water shut off pin.
¾” swivel fi tting with 2 entries: can be connected to a PROFLOW II or SPEED-FLOW circulation pump without extra accessories.
“Dry hands” quick draining system: The PE cover allows access without having to wet your hands. The Ø 100 mm plug is not affected by frost.

Stainless steel trough of 112 litres linking sturdiness and food safety. With slanted bottom for easier cleaning and specially folded non-spill edge to minimize water loss and avoid splashing.
A double-walled PE cover protects the high flow rate valve against the animals and the first cold.
A mechanical compartment allows easy access to the different connections.
The concept of STAINLESS STEEL + PE optimizes the resistance to the cold (different sets to keep your drinkers frost-free are available)
7 fixing points on concrete base with a minimum height of 20 cm.

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