Round pasture for cattle and horses – 12 stands

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A round feeder with 12 stands, which will help to minimize the feed consumption.

The construction of a galvanized feeder for cattle and horses has been designed according to the animal welfare standard. The pasture is resistant to corrosion which extends the period of its use. Our galvanized feeder provides an easy access to a feed for the animals and reduces waste during feed intake. The design of the feeder makes it difficult for animals to compete for a feed. The horse feeder consists of compact elements that are easily assembled with bolts and nuts. The round structure of the feeder for horses and cattle allows it to be easily moved on a field – it can be overturned and rolled. Thanks to our product, you will increase hygiene in the feed stand, spend less time cleaning and reduce the possibility of feed contamination to zero.

Diameter 2.3 m.

Weight 186 kg