Automatic gates 91

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Automaatti portti 91
Laite toimii itsenäisesti sekä manuaalisesti että automaattisesti (itse lukittuva)
KESTÄVÄ 5 vuoden takuu osille ja materiaalille
HELPPO kiinnitysjärjestelmä helpottaa työtä
SOVELLETTAVA sekä vasen- että oikeakätis

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If you are in the market for a good headgate that will not only stand the test of time, but also increase your productivity and efficiency, then this is the headgate for you. The HG91 provides safety for both animal and operator, helping to take some of the “work” out of working cattle. Priefert’s Model 91 headgate operates in manual or automatic mode and its Infinite Locking System is guaranteed for life.

  • Model 91 Headgate operates in manual or automatic catch mode. Engage the automatic catch feature by moving the auto-catch lever forward to activate the spring.
  • When in automatic mode, set the self-catch lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths.
  • The yokes (or sides) of the headgate are contoured to fit securely around the neck of the animal.
  • The HG91’s patented Infinite Locking System is guaranteed for life and allows for a perfect fit for every size animal with no adjustments necessary.
  • Designed to be user friendly, all levers and handles are located so that a single individual can operate the headgate from one spot with minimal effort
  • Headgate is reversible for left or right-handed operation.
  • Head Restraint Chain can easily be secured around an animal’s head to provide easy access for doctoring eyes or reading ear tags/tattoos.

Height: 175 cm
Inside height:152 cm
Width: 125 cm
Inside width: 71 cm
Weight: 98 kg


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