BasisFeeder Mineral feeder

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The supplement feeder for cattle, sheep and horses in pasture.

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  • BasisFeeder protects mineral supplements from rainwater and dung etc. by help of a rubber cover, which the animals push up with their heads when they eat.
  • The sloping outer walls ensure, together with a comfortable height that animals neither tips it around nor steps on it.
  • The animals can lift the cover themselves.
  • Suitable for all livestock.
  • Made of strong plastic.
  • BasisFeeder plastic colors are protected with a UV filter to reduce bleaching.
  • Cold resistant.
  • Rubber cover included.
  • Dimensions: height 34cm, diameter 80cm, rubber cover diameter 100cm, weight ~19kg.
  • Three chambers in the trough, each chamber 19.5 liters. The chambers provide the opportunity to use the trough for different minerals.
  • Suitable for granulated minerals, mineral buckets, feed and licking salt.
  • Easy to move.


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