Disinfecting gel for hands 16 x 0,5l

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The product has a broad bactericidal and fungicidal effect, destroys Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, viruses (coronavirus, HBV, HIV, Rota, Adeno, HCV, MRSA, Herpex Simplex). The skin protection components soothe the skin and help to quickly restore the skin’s normal microflora, moisture balance and protective functions.

USE: As a hygienic hand antiseptic, apply 3 ml to dry hands so that the hands are covered and rub the product into the hands until the hands are completely dry.
INGREDIENTS: 100 g product denatured ethanol 66.5 g, propan-2-ol 7 g (ethanol 73.5%), skin protection components
STANDARDS: EN 1500, EN 12791


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