Fly bucket

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Fly bucket 12 l (complete) flybuster attractant (240 g) included

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Flies in the barn and around the house can be a real scourge, but we have a great solution! AKROH offers the Fly Bucket 12 L, an ideal product to trap stable flies and house flies.

This is how it works:
Empty the container with 240 grams of insect attractant (container is included). We advise wearing gloves for this. Add 6 litres of water, and let the insect attractant mix well.
Close of the bucket with the lid.

When the day turns into night and flies search for a sleeping place, they are drawn to the buckets by the attractant and will enter through one of the six special cones. Once inside the bucket, the insect is not able to get back out.

The product is active for 30 to 60 days. When it is no longer working or if the bucket is full of flies, it is possible to scoop out the content and start again.

The product has a volume of 12 L and is easy to clean and re-use when it has filled up with flies.

Creating a ‘no-flyzone’:
For an optimal result of the fly bucket it is important to create a ‘no-flyzone’ around the stable/shed. Place multiple fly buckets, all 10-15 meters from the stable and with 15 m in between the products. Place the buckets 1.5 meters from the ground in a sheltered place. Because the flies are drawn to the attractant it is important to place the buckets outside, to achieve the goal of making a fly-free zone in the stable/shed.

The range of a fly bucket is around 200-300 m2 and it takes 24-48 hours to reach activation and optimal results;


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