Non freezing drinking bowl 250l

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Antifreeze isothermal trough without electricity, ideal for places without running water where frost can occur.
Suitable for 1 to 3 horses.

– Made of UV-resistant, food-safe HDPE.

– Anti-freeze protection down to -15 °C guaranteed by polyethylene-foam filled double wall.

– The horse easily pushes against the lens in the middle of the floating cover in order to drink.

– Water reserve for 1 week for one horse (in winter).

– Hygiene: The water is protected from the sun, wild animals, autumn leaves…

– Ø100 mm large drain with insulating plug.

Inside design without nooks and crannies for quick and efficient cleaning. The floating cover can be removed without tools.
Compact and easy to transport.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 250 litres / AVAILABLE (with cover): 180 litres.
Dimensions: Ø100,5 x h.65 cm


The cylindrical tank is closed by a floating cover that rises and falls with the water level in the tank.
To access the water, the animal pushes against the disc that very easily gives way and moves back into place afterwards.
The unit is made isothermal by injection of insulating foam in the double wall.
The water is frost proof in winter down to -15 °C and stays clean and cool in summer.



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