Pitstop BASIS mineral feeder

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The PitstopBASIS feeder is designed to provide mineral feed to animals.

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  • The feeder is made of thick, durable and solid HDPE plastic.
  • The plastic parts of the feeder is made of non-toxic materials in accordance with EU’s food hygiene regulations.
  • One feeder serves about 25 cows, access is allowed to only one cow at a time.
  • The feeder is suitable for animals without horns.
  • Frost-resistant, so can be kept outside in winter.
  • The lid with a one-hand operated snap lock opens to the supplements container. Filling is easy with a bucket or a sack.
  • The shape of the feeder, the design – including the feed valve and the top cover, make the feeder closed. The feeder thus protects the nutritional supplements from rain and other water and excrement, keeps the nutritional supplements fresh.
  • The MicroFeeder PitstopBASIS has a mounting bracket that ensures a long life of the feeder.
  • This version should maximally be filled with more than 15 kg / 10 litres of supplements.
  • The feeder comes with the necessary bolts for wall mounting.
  • Dimensions: height 75cm, width 54cm, weight 20kg, depth 67cm.


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