Weed brush

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> easy usage and simple handling
> extreme weedcover is eliminated efficiently, intensive removal of root parts
> paving will not be damaged because of evenly distributed ground pressure
> weed removing up to the edges

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Removal of chemical-free weeds and moss is the latest trend in professional and home landscaping. The Westermann team designed the WKB660 with this idea in mind – it had to be environmentally friendly, capable of cleaning large areas and reliable. The 4-stroke Honda GXV 160 engine ensures efficiency, low fuel and oil consumption, as well as low vibration and noise levels.

The machine uses three rotating brush holders, which in turn consist of four durable cable brushes that can be easily changed without tools thanks to a simple quick-change system. The bristles exert a uniform pressure on the ground, which ensures that the surface to be treated is not damaged / scratched. The WKB 660’s wiping principle is special and all edges and corners can be thoroughly cleaned – a challenge for most other manufacturers. The machine is equipped with a safety cover, which can be removed or raised when cleaning the edges. In addition, Westermann WKB 660 not only removes unwanted moss and weeds, but also permanently damages the root system, significantly reducing further growth.

Brush engine: Honda GXV 160 OHV 4 tact benzine engine (industrial engine)
Brush: 3 spin around wire braids à 4 plaits
Working width 660 mm
Turning direction of brush: right
Pushing holm: with height adjustment of wheel
Wheel: filled with polyurethane (with ball bearing)
Weight: approx. 95 kg



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